Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dogtown Regatta

What a great day and event the Dogtown Regatta ended up being for Island Sail! In the morning we battled high winds and scared sailors - both in the Island Sail harbor and on the way up to Old Harbor. My sincere appreciation goes out to all volunteers and instructional staff for helping to make this a wonderful event... despite a morning where few sailors were smiling. The afternoon was a splendid time and the 1st Annual Dogtown Regatta was a special event for all Island Sail participants. Again, we would like to thank Joe and his wife for being such wonderful hosts and providing the impetus for this event. Coordinating the regatta was a good learning experience for all of us and it was a rewarding opportunity for all Island Sail participants and their families. I think the first time I had a moment to take a breath was when we arrived at the ferry landing park for the BBQ in the evening - looking around seeing all the smiles and the warm communication happening, which seldom occurs when sailors are dropped off and picked up in the parking lot each day.

Ian and Ian took the Cup in the larger-boat race and Peter came from last to capture the Cup in the Opti race. The winds had died down significantly from the morning and skilled sailors and the thrift of the Lasers were the
difference in the races. I felt like everyone ended up being a winner and more importantly the smiles and good-feeling from sailors and their families confirmed a prize-winning day for all. I enjoyed the BBQ most of all and in reflection think that a time to gather families like this should be a weekly part of the program in the future. John was the grill master and Karen and I handled the chore of towing boats where needed. Our instructors went beyond the call to help out and make it a successful day for Island Sail!

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