Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rain, Rain - Go Away

The rain is holding off today and students have been able to get out on the water for the morning session. We are hoping the weather will hold for the afternoon crews. Yesterday was rainy and foggy and we stayed near the boathouse and went through land-based skill building activities and instruction. It was nice to avoid two days in a row of this approach to learning to sail. The winds are in and out today, but we have seen some of the strongest winds of the season building in during the morning... still not above 15 knots, but better winds to move the boats and challenge student skills.

Oh, a personal report... I went out fishing after yesterday's afternoon session. It was misting when I left the dock and as fog rolled out, heavier rain filled in. The fish liked it and I caught 22 Mackerel and as I was coming into the inner harbor I caught a small Halibut (I think that is what it was). It was about the same length as a Mackerel, but brown and tan with a distinct line running down its side... it was fatter than a Mackerel. I didn't keep any of these fish, but hope to when my wife the Chef returns with me next week. It was a lot of fun. I am hoping to snag my fishing buddy, Everett, to give it a try again this evening if the weather holds.

I am posting a map of the area that I found on a post card at the Paper Store in
town. It doesn't have much detail in terms of Vinalhaven, but is a nice view of the Penobscot Bay area. If you would like to see some nice maps of Vinalhaven, click here. I believe these are maps and GIS information developed in association with the Land Trust. Also, a nice woman rode up on her bike Wednesday morning before the Land Trust was open and asked about maps of trails on the Island... I didn't have much information for her, but I did find this link and thought it might be useful to others - Maine Island Trail Association.

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Karen said...

These maps are great. What a good overview of our first two weeks. Thank you for spending so much time putting all of this on the blog. I have been so busy with Island Sail projects this is the first I have come up for air to sit in front of the computer.