Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Week 2

We are off to a good start with week two of Island Sail. Monday's swim test was fun and filled with a sense of accomplishment for new students. The water has warmed up considerably since last week's swim test. The bright sun and warm temperatures helped with smiles as people crawled out of the water. Our morning class has eight students, with a few new faces to Island Sail (Jesse, Simon, Nicheala, Dash, Cristian, Corbett, Max, & Gideon). They are an energetic group.

This will be the first day on the water for our morning group. Today's morning session
is a time for introductions... to each other and to basic sailing terminology and parts of the sailboat. The group also had a blast playing a couple rounds of Sharks and Fishes while waiting for the rolling-fog to burn off. We will soon see who was listening to the Right-of-Way rules as the group heads to sea ;o)

Our group of more experienced sailors, which have been checked off on their Mate and Crew cards, started on Monday afternoon. We have six sailors in this group (Everett, Karli, Alina, Isabelle, Frank, Kelby). They spent the first part of the session reviewing sailing concepts and Island Sail procedures and then took to the water to start sailing. In the last part of the session the group worked on capsizing & righting their boat and overboard recoveries. It was hot in the afternoon and the dunks in the water were welcomed by all.

We are expecting a possibility of showers on Wednesday and Thursday, but each day the weather report has held out some hope that we may be missed by weather that will keep learners off the water. We have learning activities lined up if we need to make an adjustment and have a "dry-land" training session. It is beautiful out today... so I am off to get some pictures and help out with instruction on the water.

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