Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Week 3 Underway

I am rushing to get something posted before my Internet connection fades... a strange Island-ism occurs here where I am staying and I usually will get a wireless Internet connection for about 20 minutes each night, but it fades out (sort of like the setting sun). By the way - I would like to post a public Thank You to the Carpenter's for their generosity in providing such a nice place for me to stay during the summer. It is just the right length of bike ride into the boathouse in the morning to get the blood flowing. I'm getting pretty good at balancing my coffee as I go :o)

Included in this post are pictures from Monday's swim test. The water has warmed to the point that I might even be ready to brave a swim by next week. Praise goes out again to the courageous start to Week 3 by our new sailors. Looking back to Week 1 I still think I would have cried if I was put to the water.

We have a large group this week and are faced with our first test of the season to arrange getting all boats and instructional staff on the water together. Today was a success and sailors reported having a good time and left with a sense of achievement. We did shift a few students that would normally be in the morning session to the afternoon session (generally a more advanced group of sailors) in order to make sure that we provided more 1-to-1 instruction with our staff. I wanted to make special mention of one sailor (Corbett) that impressed me in the afternoon. He really picked up on several more advanced skills... capsizing and righting a boat, improving on the Figure 8 drill and making the best landing I have seen this year by anyone in the program. Several of our instructors were quick to give warning as he approached the dock, only to be silenced as Corbett turned skillfully to slide up to the dock.

would also like to say how pleased I am of our instructors for stepping up to the challenge of building in more formal instruction. This is the second year that Island Sail has worked to integrate components of the US Sailing curriculum and I have asked each week (often each day) that adjustments be made to increase the instructional quality of the program, while still maintaining the unique enjoyment that has been a trademark of Island Sail. It must be the years that I have been an athlete and coach - seeking consistent adjustment and adaptation in performances to improve the opportunity for success. Our lead instructors (Sarah and Marissa) have been pressed at times to extend their efforts and leadership and they have kept a positive attitude and outlook that is a benefit to all Island Sail participants. These are traits that all successful teams have displayed by their captains. Our Student Instructors have also shown tremendous growth in their instructional capacity - no one is "riding the pine".

All in all we are off to a great start to Week 3... more fun and learning to come! The weather report is outstanding for the remainder of the week... hot and sunny (maximum SPF warning).

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